Best Burgers near your South Austin Apartment

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If you’re a fan of juicy burgers, you’ll be a fan of the latest blog from your South Austin apartment community.


The great thing about burgers is that they’re good in both the summer heat and the cooler winter weather. When you’re sweating through another Texas July, nothing feels better than a juicy burger and an ice cold beverage. When you’re bundling up for those windy Austin winters, all you want to do is duck into a burger joint and grab a piping hot serving of burgers and fries.


The summer heat is a forgotten memory at this point, as temperatures dip down to 50 degrees and people start throwing vests on over their hoodies. On the bright side, that means it’s the perfect time of year for a giant, juicy burger! The time for tacos has passed, and BBQ will always be around, so switch up your Austin dining experience with a burger joint.


Luckily for us, Austin is filled with top-tier burger joints. In fact, five of the top-ten burger restaurants in town are right here in South Austin. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites, and we’d like to share it with our residents.


Check out the list of burgers below, and please be sure to share this post with your friends and neighbors at your community of South Austin rentals!


Independence Fine Foods


Go here for grass-fed burgers. Go here on burger night for dirt-cheap grass-fed burgers! Each burger comes with a side serving of truffle fries, which are covered in parmesan and perfectly crispy. Burger night happens every Tuesday, and includes an offer of $2 off any burger.




BurgerFi is the burger spot for vegetarians, gluten-free folks and everyone else who cares about where their food comes from and what goes into it. If you’re vegetarian, try the quinoa burger. If you’re not vegetarian, try everything else on the menu. Our favorite thing about BurgerFi is that the name of the restaurant is seared into the top of every bun. This makes the burgers highly Instagrammable, which is always a plus.


SoCo Burgers


Skip the long line at Hopdoddy and check out SoCo burgers instead. THeir burgers are special because of their buns, which are slightly toasted and thick enough to hold the massive amount of toppings covering each patty.


Lebowski’s Grill


Bowling and burgers together like Texans and cowboy hats. Lebowski’s Grill is a burger joint inside of a bowling alley, and some Yelp reviewers say this place has the best burgers south of 71. Once again, it’s the buns that make this place special. They’re fluffy and light, yet sturdy enough to not fall apart after your first bite.


Hot Mess


One Yelp reviewer described the Hot Mess burgers as, “So big you’ll have to shower after.” That’s another way of saying you shouldn’t eat anything all day if you plan on going to Hot Mess. The burgers are huge, as are the sides of fries that come with every burger basket.


That’s the end of our burger blog, residents! As always, we appreciate you taking some time out of your busy holiday schedule to read the latest edition of The Brodie Blog. We hope you discover your new go-to burger joint after checking out the restaurants on this list!


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