Brunch Destinations near your South Austin Apartment

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The nice thing about eating brunch near your South Austin apartment is that there are no clearly defined rules for what constitutes brunch food. In Texas, brunch can be Tex-Mex, BBQ, southern comfort food, or something as simple as a bowl of fruit with granola. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your brunch meal of choice.


Living in Austin means that you never have to go to the same restaurant twice. South Austin, in particular, has tons of brunch restaurants, food trucks, diners and cafes that are ready to serve you whatever you want come Sunday morning. There’s no sense in waiting in line at one of the overcrowded brunch spots downtown when you can head down the road and find better food for lower prices.


As you may already be able to tell, this week’s blog is all about the best places to eat brunch near your community of South Austin rentals. Check out the list below, and send this post to any of your friends who might need a few new brunch recommendations.



This cute little food trailer has plenty of outdoor, covered seating for brunch patrons. It’s the perfect brunch spot for anyone who likes to be a little adventurous with their food choices. You wouldn’t normally think of getting African food for brunch, but that could all change once you try the chicken wrap, the lamb or the spinach curry from Cazamance. Of course, they also serve brisket tacos, so you can bring your less-than-adventurous friends here as well. The must-try dish at Cazamance is the piri piri pulled pork pita pocket. Try saying that five times fast!


Taquerias Arandinas


If you’ve never had white cheese on a breakfast taco, you’re missing out. Experience this awesome flavor addition on your next breakfast taco by purchasing it at Taquerias Arandinas. The tacos are on the small side, so be sure to buy a couple. Plus, they’re only $2.99, and even cheaper if you go early. We should warn you, however, that the tacos come with both red and green habanero sauce, so they can get spicy.


Killa Wasi


We’ve talked about brunch from Africa and Mexico, so it’s only right that we continue our journey around the brunch world with a stop in Peru. Killa Wasi serves some of the best Peruvian cuisine in town. Try the pork sandwich, the Texas ceviche, or just grab a doughnut; no matter what, you’re going to enjoy the time you spend at Killa Wasi.




Last but not least, we have the always-reliable Trudy’s. This place is a go-to spot for many of our residents, as you just can’t beat the prices, the location, nor the food. Trudy’s has an awesome brunch buffet on the weekend, so bring your appetite if you decide to go. Most Tex-Mex restaurants bring you the standard chips and salsa to start, but Trudy’s will also bring you biscuits if you ask for them. You can’t go wrong with a trip to Trudy’s, so grab your brunch squad and check this place out!


Those are all the taco recommendations we have this week, folks! We greatly appreciate you taking some time out of your schedule to read about the best brunch spots in South Austin. As always, we recommend that you check this page again in a couple weeks when our next blog post goes live. You never know what you might learn when you read The Brodie Blog! Don’t forget to follow us on social media, as that’s the best way to ensure you never miss a single update from your favorite South Austin apartments for rent.

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