Analyzing the Amenities at your South Austin Rentals

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Welcome to another helpful blog post from your community of South Austin apartments for rent. This week’s post is all about the luxurious amenities that make life so comfortable for residents of The Brodie. We’re sure you considered a lot of factors when you were you trying to choose an apartment community, and we hope that some of our awesome amenities helped make your decision a little easier.


Now that you live at The Brodie, it’s time to make the most of every amenity. After all, luxury amenities are some of the best aspects of apartment living. If you bought a home, you likely wouldn’t have an on-site dog park or a poolside grilling station. At The Brodie, you have both.


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Car Wash & Detail Center


Good luck finding another apartment community in South Austin that has a car wash and detail center like the one at The Brodie. If you take pride in the appearance of your vehicle, you’ll end up spending a lot of time using this amenity. If you’ve never thought about your vehicle’s appearance, maybe it's time to start. We all know how dirty cars can get in Austin. Between the dust from the constant construction and the droppings from the grackles, Austin vehicles rarely look completely clean. Once you make it a habit to use to car wash and detail center, however, your car might just start turning heads as you drive down the street.


Dog Park/Dog Wash Station


Pets are important to us, and we know they’re important to many of our residents. Residents aren’t happy unless their pets are happy, so it's in our best interests to do everything we can to keep tails wagging. We can almost guarantee that your dog will be a big fan of the on-site dog park. Although Austin is filled with awesome dog parks, nothing beats the convenience of being able to take your dog out right here in the community. Your dog might not enjoy the dog wash station quite as much, but you and your roommate will appreciate having a clean pup instead of a stinky one.


Hammock Area


This is a simple amenity, but sometimes this little things make the biggest difference. Laying in a hammock when you have nothing to do is truly one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whoever invented the hammock deserves a statue. You, on the other hand, deserve to be comfortable in your own community. That’s why we installed hammocks!


Poolside Grills


The nice thing about living in Texas is that grilling season lasts a little longer down here. You don’t have to pack up your grilling utensils just because you flipped the calendar to October. In fact, grilling is a lot more comfortable in the fall, because you’re not standing over a 300-degree grill while it’s already 100-degrees outside. Grab your favorite fall beer and enjoy a nice day out by the poolside grills. If you need some recipe inspiration, you can click this link.


That concludes our amenity discussion for this week, residents! As always, we greatly appreciate those of you that continue to come back week after week to read the latest blog posts from The Brodie. We hope that you’re able to get even more out of living at The Brodie after reading this blog!


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