Delicious Desserts near your South Austin Apartment

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This blog post is for everyone living at our South Austin rentals who has a serious sweet tooth. You don’t have to resort to grabbing a candy bar from the local gas station in order to satisfy your cravings. Instead, try one of South Austin’s highly-rated bakeshops. Whether you’re into the classic chocolate chip cookie or something more dring like white chocolate macadamia, we think you’ll be able to get your sugar fix at one of the bake shops on this list.


Look, you live in a community of South Austin apartments for rent that offers residents a 24-hour fitness center. For that reason, we think it’s okay for you to indulge in the sweets available at some of these bakeshops in South Austin. If you decide to go to one of these cookie shops, make sure you have milk at home. There are a lot of ways to ruin your day, but perhaps nothing will do it faster than sitting down with your warm cookie and realizing that your milk has gone bad. Don’t let that be your life.


Anyway, be sure to check out this week’s blog post below. Your dentist might not like that we told you to go to these shops, but your tastebuds will be satisfied. If you like the post, please be sure to share it with family and friends who might want to learn a little more about the wide variety of dessert shops in the South Austin area.


Zoe’s Kitchen


The best part about going to Zoe’s is that you’ll be able to enjoy your guilty guilt-free — assuming you eat at Zoe’s Kitchen before you decide to finish things off with a cookie. Zoe’s Kitchen is a healthy mediterranean fast-casual restaurant in South Austin. You can sit down and hang out for awhile, or you can grab a quick bite and go, but either way you absolutely must finish your meal with a cookie.


Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop


If you’ve heard of Sugar Mama’s before, it's probably because of their beloved cupcakes. Sugar Mama’s has the most popular cupcakes in Austin, and you’re lucky to live within a few miles of this ATX favorite. Sugar Mama’s has some awesome cookie, too, so grab a pint of milk and check out this bake shop in South Austin. You don’t have to go far to satisfy your sweet tooth.


La Patisserie


You can get delicate, delicious toasted almond macaroons without traveling across the Atlantic Ocean. These french delicacies are waiting for you right up the road at La Patisserie. This adorable little bakeshop is known to have some of the best macaroons in Austin, and we think you’ll agree with that sentiment once you take in the smells wafting out of La Patisserie.


HayleyCakes and Cookies


Okay, so this last one isn’t actually in South Austin, but we can’t make a list of cookie shops without including this incredible little establishment. The kind folks at HayleyCakes and Cookies will make any kind of custom cookie you want. It can be any shape, any size, any color, and any flavor. You can go super specific, or be a little vague and let them work their magic. Next time someone special has a birthday coming up, wow them with a treat from HayleyCakes and Cookies.

Those are all the bakeshop suggestions we’ve got for this week, residents! Thanks for taking some out of your busy September schedule to read the most recent edition of The Brodie Blog. As always, we want to remind you to check this page again in a couple weeks when the next edition of The Brodie Blog goes live. Also, please don’t forget to follow The Brodie on social media. There’s no better way to stay in-the-know about all the events, special offers and giveaways happening at your South Austin apartment community.

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