3 Tips for Decorating your South Austin Apartment

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If you’re a new resident of our South Austin apartments for rent, you’re probably diving headfirst into the decorating phase. We all go through it when we move into a new apartment, and it’s actually one of the most fun aspects of moving. In fact, it may be the only fun part about moving.


Decorating your new apartment at The Brodie should be fun, and we’re here to help you enjoy the whole process. The staff at your South Austin rentals created this special blog post that will reveal three tips that professional interior designers use to decorate their client’s apartments. If you take notes and put these tips to use, you’ll find that you have more space in your apartment than you thought. When it comes to apartments, interior design is all about maximizing space, brightening up the room and eliminating clutter.


Check out the list of tips below, and be sure to share this post with any of your friends and neighbors who may be in need of some interior design advice.


1. Invest in some floating shelves.


Here’s the reality; you have to buy shelves. We provide our residents with plenty of surface space on counters and window sills, but everyone needs a place to keep their plants, picture frames and various trinkets. When you head up north to IKEA to pick out some shelving units, we recommend taking a look at the floating shelves. IKEA has tons of these products available at their store, and they will save a ton of space in your apartment. Instead of buying a bulky shelf that takes up more surface area than it provides, just buy floating shelves. They’re easy to install, easy to clean, and look great on your wall.


2. Use area rugs to enhance your space.


Using area rugs to block off certain sections of your apartment is a great way to create extra “rooms” without putting up fake walls or room dividers. You can separate your dining room from your living room by laying down two separate rugs. You can do the same thing in your living room or bedroom by placing a rug in a corner, along with a chair, to create a reading nook.


3. Clear up clutter with a well-designed entryway.


By investing in a shelf, bench or repurposed entertainment stand, you can create an entry area right inside your front door. Add some hooks on the wall to complete the space, and watch as clutter disappears from the rest of your house. Now, your purse or wallet will stay by the door, along with your shoes, hats, jackets and other outdoor items. Adding an entryway is a great way to make your new apartment seem more like a home.


4. Mirrors are your best friends.


It’s important to spread light natural around your apartment, and mirrors are the most stylish way to do this. Whether you have one big mirror on the wall behind your couch or many small mirrors laid out like a mosaic, the reflective surfaces will make your apartment seem bigger and more open. Never say no to a good mirror!

Once again, we’d like to take this moment to thank our loyal readers. We appreciate y’all coming back week after week to read our blog posts. We hope the recommendations contained within this post allow you to save space and make your apartment even more beautiful than it already is. If you enjoyed this blog, be sure to visit this page again in a couple weeks when we post our next one. You can also follow The Brodie on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news, events and updates from your South Austin apartment community.

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