4 Top Coffee Shops near your South Austin Apartments

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Our South Austin rentals are filled with people who’ve come from all over the country to live in Austin. They’re here for the good jobs, the great music, and the out-of-this-world food. Most people only know a few stereotypical things about Austin when they move here, but we’re here to help our residents discover things about this town that they never knew they needed to know.


This blog is all about helping residents get the most out of their experience at The Brodie, and their experience living in South Austin. Since we’ve been here longer than you have —sorry, people love bragging about how long they’ve lived in Austin— we know the places to visit and events to attend.


When you moved to Austin, you knew that there would be terrific tacos and best-in-class BBQ. But did you know that Austin has its fair share of perfectly brewed coffee? It’s true. Once you get away from all the Starbucks —and there are a lot of Starbucks—you can find some real hidden gems in the Austin coffee shop scene.     


In this week’s post, we’ll be ranking the best coffee shops near The Brodie. Our South Austin apartments for rent are located in one of the more convenient parts of the city, and we want to make sure residents know how to take advantage of this premier location.


Catahoula Mama’s


First of all, this coffee trailer has an incredible name. You can’t beat that name. Aside from that, the owner has good intentions. She serves organic, sustainable products that are locally sourced. You can find Catahoula Mama’s out by the Austin Beer Garden Brewing building.


Once Over Coffee Bar


This cute little coffee shop near Bouldin Creek has been around since 2009, which is a lifetime by Austin standards. You probably don’t know this, but Austin has quote a few local coffee roasters. One of those roasters works directly with Once Over to deliver hot, fresh coffee to customers every day.  Once Over has a big backyard patio that you just might be able to enjoy if the weather ever cools down.


Houndstooth Coffee


If you work downtown, you have to set aside sometime to visit Houndstooth Coffee. It doesn’t get much cozier than this place, which serves their coffee in totally Instagram-worthy mugs that are adorned with the outline of the state of Texas. Check out Houndstooth next time you’re downtown. It’s located right by the State Capitol.


Sage Cafe


The outdoor setting at Sage Cafe is about as Austin as it gets. Their coffee is good, their smoothies are good, and their breakfast sandwiches are everything you could ever ask for. Sage Cafe features woody surroundings and expansive outdoor seating, so you can check it out next time you feel like sipping your coffee in the sun.


Summer Moon Coffee


Finally, we’ve arrived at Summer Moon. In our humble opinion, we saved the best for last. Summer Moon’s sweetened, cold coffee concoctions could go head to head in a taste test against any iced coffee in town and come out victorious. There are no words, so just get on up to Summer Moon.


We’d like to take this moment to thank you all for taking some time out of your busy summer schedules to browse through the latest edition of The Brodie Blog. Next time you need to get caffeinated, we hope you get your fix at one of the places on this list. If you enjoyed this week’s post, be sure to check back again in a couple weeks to read the next blog. We also encourage residents to follow us on social media, as that is the best way to stay up to date with everything going on at your South Austin apartment community.

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