Staying Healthy with your South Austin Rentals

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When most people think of moving into a South Austin apartment, they imagine living in a city that’s known for active lifestyles. Austin has long been a place where health-conscious people feel comfortable, thanks to the city’s abundance of trails and healthy restaurants.


Of course, Austin definitely has its fair share of less-than-healthy restaurants too. No one ever accused BBQ and Tex-Mex of being key components of a weight-loss diet. As Austin grows, newcomers bring lots of unhealthy habits too. Maybe that’s why Austin wasn’t even ranked as the healthiest city in Texas in a recent survey. We have to do something about this, people!


Lucky for Austin, the staff at The Brodie  has some healthy living tips for residents of our South Austin rentals. It wasn’t all that difficult to create this list, as Austin makes it easy to get out there and get active. However, sometimes people just need a little reminder of all the ways our city can help them achieve their fitness goals.


Here are three things you can do in Austin this weekend to burn off the calories from your last order of Torchy’s Tacos.


Swim a lap or two at the Barton Springs Pool


If you moved to Austin from a different city, you probably have a little different idea of what an inner city pool looks like. At Barton Springs Pool, you won’t find any chlorine to sting your eyes. Instead, you’ll find an all-natural spring that’s just had a few man-made walls added to provide a sense of structure. The pool itself is massive, and features a diving board on one end and, on the other end, a dam allowing the spring water to flow through the pool.


Entrance to the Barton Springs Pool is only $3 for Austin residents. We highly recommend going to Barton Springs Pool on a weekday, as it tends to get crowded on the weekend. The pool is big enough to support a large crowd, but the line to get in can be extremely long.


Make the hike to see a sunset at Mount Bonnell


Mount Bonnell is a 236m cliff that rises above the Colorado River just west of downtown Austin. From the top, you can see into the backyards of some of the most beautiful waterfront properties in the Texas Hill Country. All it takes to get to this beautiful point is a quick hike up 102 steps. Once you make it to the top, you can explore various paths that lead all over the hill and offer different views of the river, the houses and the downtown Austin skyline.


The best time to visit Mount Bonnell is on a clear evening as the sunset approaches. Hopefully, all the tourists will be busy watching the bats come out from under the South Congress bridge and you’ll be able to have Mount Bonnell to yourself.


Do a short stint on a Stand Up Paddle Board


Bring your waterproof phone case and a selfie stick to Lady Bird Lake for an hour on the water on a Stand Up Paddleboard. It’s actually not very hard for beginners to figure out how to stay balanced on a Stand Up Paddleboard, and you can explore both sides of the Congress Bridge as well as the edge of Zilker Park. You’ll get gorgeous views of downtown, a great opportunity to burn some calories, and a whole lot of spectacular pictures to post on  Instagram afterwards.

As always, we appreciate you taking this time to read our latest blog. It’s always important to stay healthy, and we hope this blog can help you do just that. We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another informative post, but you can stay up to date with our South Austin apartments for rent by following The Brodie on social media.

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