3 Apps for People Living in South Austin Apartments

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3 Apps for People Living in South Austin Apartments

Here’s an interesting fact for everyone living in our South Austin apartments for rent. Did you know the App Store is less than 10 years old? 10 years ago, you couldn’t even download an app. Now, you have access to hundreds of thousands of apps at all times. Even when the App Store first launched, it was mostly filled with games and simple tools for your phone like a flashlight or a metronome. Now, the store is filled with apps that can summon real people to your door with bags of food, or hire someone to walk your dog, or tell a complete stranger to pick you up from your South Austin apartment.


As people have gotten busier, app developers have gotten better at anticipating the services that busy people need. Busy people don’t want to run errands, or cook, or clean. Now, busy people (who have expendable income) don’t have to do any of those things!


There are dozens of apps out there that will let busy people trade money for time. That is to say, these apps let busy people pay other people to do things that they could easily do themselves if they were willing to take the time out of their day. When busy people are unwilling to take the time to run errands, pick up food, or take their dogs for walks, they can just pay someone else to do those things.


If you’re one of those busy people —and honestly, who isn’t these days—you might benefit from one of the following apps. All of these apps have people on-hand in Austin, ready to come help you out for a nominal fee. They say time is money, and that’s never more true than when you decide to use one of these apps.




Whatever you need, TaskRabbit has someone who’s willing to do it. Be it simple home repairs or moving help or even standing in line, TaskRabbit will send someone to do what needs to be done.


Here’s how it works: First, you choose from a drop down list of services and describe the task that you need completed. TaskRabbit will then send you a list of qualified people who are willing to help you out in exchange for a few bucks. You’ll also be able to see their hourly rates. Once you pick your person, they’ll come to you and do whatever you need them to do.

These people then get paid automatically through the app once the task is complete.


TaskRabbit performs full background checks on everyone who applies to be a “tasker,” so you can have total peace of mind when using their services.



Handy is like TaskRabbit, but only for home cleaning services. Instead of calling a cleaning service, you can just download Handy and schedule your next apartment cleaning without actually having to talk to anybody. Everything is handled through the app, so you get to experience nothing but a tidy apartment cleaned by professionals.




No matter how much society improves, the post office never seems to improve right along with it. The people who made Shyp know that, so they created an app that can take care of your shipping needs for you.


Within the app, you can figure out which shipping company will give you the best rates and tell someone to come pick up your package from your home or office. Now, you don’t even have to step inside the post office. Shyp will then give you a tracking number so you can monitor the progress your package is making. Shipping things gets a whole lot more pleasant when you don’t have to make a trip to the post office.

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