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The Brodie-The Local Biz Blog from your Apartments in South Austin

It’s no secret that living in apartments in South Austin provides residents with plenty of things to do on a daily basis. Weekends are just better here, whether you’re exploring the Green Belt, trying out the latest restaurant, or just hanging around the luxurious pool area at The Brodie.


However, we can all use a change of pace every once in awhile. Next weekend, if you have some free time, try supporting some of the amazing local business that have popped up in Austin as of late. We put together a list of three local Austin businesses worth supporting, whether it's because of their charitable efforts or their dedication to sustainable living.




This trendy philanthropy-based company sells hats, socks, gloves, t-shirts and tank-tops. All of their apparel and accessories are stylish, but that’s not even the best part. All the Mitscoots Outfitters products are 100% American made, but that’s not the best part either. Alright, alright, we’ll spill the beans. The best part about Mitscoots Outfitters is the fact that every time they sell a piece of their gear, they donate another piece of gear —of equal quality— to someone suffering from homelessness.


Mitscoots was founded by a group of people who spent their time volunteering on the streets of Austin. They were helping homeless people find food and shelter, but they noticed another problem that each of these people complained about; lack of suitable clothing. It’s easy enough to find a shirt and pants, but it was hard for these homeless people to get ahold of a decent pair of gloves, or socks, or a hat. The Mitscoots founders set out to solve this issue. In addition to donating socks, hats, gloves and other gear to homeless people, Mitscoots also helps transition struggling homeless people to a life off the streets by giving them employment opportunities with the company.




Treehouse is a home improvement store like Home Depot, but much smaller and much more focused on sustainable building practices. Since you’re renting some of the finest apartments South Austin has to offer, you probably don’t need too many home improvement materials. Even if you don’t have a big home improvement project going on, check out Treehouse next time you’re in the Westgate area.


Treehouse made this list because not only do they sell equipment that passes the sustainability test, they also donate their products to the Community First! Village. If you’re not familiar, that’s a 27-home village that provides temporary housing for homeless individuals in Central Texas. Good on you, Treehouse!


Springdale Farm


From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday, you can drive just to East Austin and enjoy farm-grown vegetables for sale at Springdale Farm. This family owned farm has seven full-time employees who dedicate themselves to urban agriculture.


Springdale Farm has a truly unique set-up, growing more than 75 different kinds of seasonal vegetables and doing so in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. They’re committed to keeping urban agriculture alive, even in a fast-growing city like Austin, TX. If you do decide to check out their morning market on Wednesday and Saturday, you’ll find more than just vegetables. Springdale Farm also sells soaps, eggs, body wash, body butters and candles. It’s all created with sustainability in mind, so you can feel confident that your purchase is going towards a good cause.

We appreciate you taking the time to read the latest edition of The Brodie Blog. Check back in a couple weeks for another post. Until then, be sure to follow us on social media so you can stay up to date with the most resident friendly South Austin apartments for rent.

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